Automatic Sprinkler Corporation offers a full gamut of services related to Fire Sprinkler Systems. Whether you are in the process of new construction or retrofitting an existing facility, we can help. We also provide inspection, repair and maintenance service along with consulting and design.


Led by Vern Luken, our design team has designed and specified hundreds Fire Sprinkler Systems. Working closely with Architects, General Contractors and Facility Owners, we’re able to provide you with a Fire Sprinkler System that meets your budget and complies with all fire codes.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Design by Automatic Sprinkler Corporation
Our design philosophy is simple. Not only do we design your system to be compliant but we also make sure that the Fire Sprinkler System in your facility blends in as much as possible so as to avoid distracting from the architectural features of your building or office.


Whether your Fire Sprinkler System was designed by us or you already have a design for your facility, we have the capability to handle every aspect of the installation. Our professional and efficient installers are experienced in working with and accommodating General Contractors and their sub-contractors to ensure that we complete the installation of your Fire Sprinkler System on time.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation by Automatic Sprinkler Corporation
Our staff is licensed to install Fire Sprinkler Systems in residential & commercial dwellings, government facilities, storage facilities, hospitals and schools.


We service existing Fire Sprinkler Systems whether we designed & installed them or not. Perhaps you are not pleased with your current service provider or they can’t accommodate your needs for some reason. Feel free to call on us.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Service by Automatic Sprinkler Corporation
We can provide you with regularly scheduled inspections which will help you ensure that your Fire Sprinkler Systems are working properly. More importantly, having your systems inspected regularly will help you ensure that you can continue to operate your business.

If your system isn’t working or needs repair work performed on it, we can provide repair service.


Vern Luken and the staff at Automatic Sprinkler Corporation are experts in the understanding of national, state and local fire codes and Fire Sprinkler System requirements. They understand the needs of the business owner in conjunction with the Architect and General Contractor and are able to engage in a consulting relationship as needed to ensure that your project gets completed on budget and on time.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Consultation by Automatic Sprinkler Corporation
We ensure that the Fire Sprinkler System for your facility doesn’t become an albatross around your neck that keeps you from finishing the project on time and failing to get your certificate of occupancy.